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Noa helped me gain control of my money. She's been honest, cheerful and well worth it. I recommend her without reservation

L. Samuels,

Professional Organizer

Noa is smart, caring and conscientious financial planner. She helped a client of mine by analyzing her finances and providing short and long term recommendations. Noa gave my client good sound advice and peace of mind. Priceless!

J Boudreau

Graphic Designer

Noa was very responsive to my financial situation and non judgmental. She is my go to person for everything money.

S Diamond

Wealth Manager

Noa's team helped me to define my financial goals, create a financial plan to follow and help to stay on track. She has a very strong ethic compass. Nothing made her happier than to see me achieve my goals.

J. Bacal, Esq

Mt. Kisco, NY

I have known Noa for several years, and I have been consistently impressed by her professionalism, empathy for her clients, organizational skills and wide range of knowledge, particular financial acumen.

J. Newman


Noa Lessing has been a wonderful financial planner who I have consulted with many times over several years. I will always be in awe of how she guides me in my long term planning 
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