Noa grew up in a Westchester County, NY rivertown. Attended Lake Forest College earning a B.A in Sociology and Anthropology. She  began her professional career in a New York City educational publishing company. Helping to develop a new line of study guides for vocational programs.

Noa transitioned. Completed the CFP® certificate program at the Lubin School of Business. Then started her second career providing fee only financial planning and coaching!

In 2007, Noa founded Noa Lessing Fusco LLC. Plain and simple - objective financial planning for individuals and families. 

Aspiring to deliver the highest quality planning and personal service for her clients. 

Noa built a team of pre-screened experts  whose experience covers the full spectrum of financial specialities Tax and estate attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, realtors, financial aid specialities and wealth managers.

The firm's technology experts provide the company with sophisticated and accurate projections for all planning. Knowing that fee-only financial planning is never static.



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